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[Review] 'Greenberg' Shows Us The Conflicts Of Adulthood

“It’s the harder, more painful decision to stay free but that’s what adulthood is.”

Another authentic tale from Noah Baumbach.

It feels so meticulously human in its presence, as such feeling very mortal and realistic, quite frankly enhancing the film’s impact.

Ben Stiller is a sensational actor, and one of my favourites really, and this performance is a prime example that breaking type-casting is rewardable, often giving us some remarkably memorable performances, such as Adam Sandler in Punch Drunk Love, and now Stiller in this uniquely mortal film, Greenberg.

Greta Gerwig is at her best, under the direction of her now-husband, Noah Baumbach, displaying the veins of vulnerability in her character to very humanistic extents, as so to make it feel very grounded in its relatability.

Truly another solid feature from Baumbach, whose films usually have a rather awkward yet perky vibe to it – Greenberg staying true to the indie director’s peculiarly enjoyable style once again.

Score: ★★★★



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