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[Short Review] Matt Damon Does His Best Norman Bates Impression In 'The Talented Mr. Ripley'

Herbert Greenleaf: People say you can’t choose your parents, but I believe you can’t choose your children.

A truly unique film, that also acts as a character study.

Strangely, one of Matt Damon’s best performances on-screen. He is truly unrecognisable, straying away from his usual “good guy” roles, as he tackles what is possibly his most versatile and contrasting divergent role.

He goes from an innocent young man to a psychopath in an emotionally transformative manner, that is utterly remarkable, showing his skills as an actor.

Damon is easily the standout aspect of the film. The film itself is beautiful, set against the backdrop of Europe, and in particular Italy, featuring beautiful cities and landscapes, such as Venice and Rome.

A compelling and enjoyable film, and perfect for a first watch on a Monday afternoon.

Score: ★★★★



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